• Huangjisoo Oil Cleanser 180ml

Huangjisoo Pure Cleansing Oil 180ml

Huangjisoo Botanical Skin Care. New to the EU.

Korean Pure Daily Cleansing OIl an all in one simple daily skincare oil. Designed to remove all makeup and deeply cleanse the face, without clogging the pores. An amazing blend of 7 premium oils makes this unique Korean skincare must-have.

The Key Oils are:

JOJOBA OIL: Protects the skin from harmful wastes and helps to make the skin look smooth and vibrant.

APRICOT SEED OIL: Helps remove dead skin cells, sebum, and blackheads, and provides a brightening effect on the skin. 

EVENING PRIMROSE OIL: Forms a natural moisturizing layer and provides glossy, luxurious skin


Pure k-Beauty

Hypoallergenic cleansing foaming perfect for 180ml

Made with 98% Natural Ingredients.




Pure Daily Foaming Skin Brightening Cleanser ; Revitalise and let your skin glow.

Giving the skin a crefreshing refining cleanse


Safe Natural ingredients

Subtly fragranced with natural essential oils: no artificial fragrance. 98 % pure facial cleaner with no harmful substances, such as PEG or Phenoxyethanol. Made with French Ecocert verified ingredients, It is a hypo-allergenic cleanser. Suitable for everyone, from children to adults, safe during pregnancy

How it Works!

Our unique natural surfactant Apple Wash: Made using essential amino acid extracted from apple juice. It softens skin and forms a dense and rich bubble. Unlike chemical surfactants, it does not damage or over strip, and does not affect the natural skin keratin defence system. It is an eco-friendly wash that helps strengthen your natural healthy skin barrier.


Pump 1 or 2 shots onto the palm of the hand then gently massage the face and closed eyes.

Rinse with warm water several times.

Avoid getting directly into eyes, but massage the eyelids and lashes to remove make-up


It's a high-enriched cleansing oil without water. Its strong emulsifying capacity gently erases heavy colour make-up such as water-proof makeup and lip-tattoo. Seven plant oils are given directly to the skin, providing not only cleansing but also nutritious skin. It doesn't feel tingling when it enters your eyes because of using safe ingredients. It's available for people of all ages. It helps remove not only make-up but also sebum and arrange dead skin cells.


It used non-comedogenic components only. Non-comedogenic means that it doesn't block the skin's pores, so oily skin can use. hypo-allergenic test has been completed and there is no oily feeling after washing the face. After washing with warm water, you will only get a clear feel without sticky on your hands or face, eliminating the need for a second wash. After use, it has a fresh feeling and no dryness of the skin.

Safe Natural ingredients

Only natural essential oil, not artificial fragrance, and delivers only natural fragrance to skin. Besides artificial fragrance, it is a pure facial cleaner with no harmful substances, such as PEG or Phenoxyethanol. It is a safe cleanser for anyone from children to adults, even pregnant women. We use French Ecocert verified ingredients, It is a hypo-allergenic cosmetic.

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