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K-Beauty has a soft Konjac heart

Korean beauty (K-Beauty) is huge right now, from cute Tony Moly lip balms to moisture-inducing sheet masks, everyone wants to own that soft, youthful skin. This couldn’t be more achievable with the latest additions to our original Korean skincare sponges – the K-Sponges. Their squishy heart-shaped body and powerhouse ingredients create an adorably quintessential K-Beauty look.

Get yourself a handful of these skin-savers:


This green tea infused Konjac heart sponge combines two of Korea’s favourite ingredients when it comes to health and vitality. Made entirely of the purest Konjac plant fibre and revitalising green tea powder, this K-Sponge wears its heart on its sleeve with no hidden additives. 


Oil-busting charcoal powder has been lovingly hand-mixed into this heart-shaped K-Sponge. Known in beauty circles all over the world for it’s ability to withdraw excess oil and bacteria, charcoal is the perfect match for fresh, clear skin.

Use your K-Sponge’s curvy edge to target the eye area where skin ages with wild abandon when left un-cared for. Soak the heart for a few moments in warm water until silky smooth, then massage in circular motions around the face for a deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation.

Scared of missing out?

Scared of missing out?
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