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Your Secret Santa Solution

It’s that time of year again. Trees are being dragged out of the loft, Christmas drinks are being arranged and that’s when Susan from your office decides it’s time to get everyone involved in a Secret Santa, effectively killing your merry spirit. What do you even get for that girl from floor 2, who you have only spoken to once? Well, don’t be a scrooge; we’ve got the answer to all your gift struggles.
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It seems that now, with so many versions of mermaid and unicorn beauty, people find themselves firmly siding with one or the other. Are you mermaid-mad or unapologetically obsessed with unicorns? We would like to present you with some more mythical beauty choices (because we’re generous like that!) Our dreamiest Konjac collection yet includes not only the much-loved unicorn and mermaid but also the dragon and narwhal. Standing & Prancing Unicorn Konjac Sponges & HOOK  Choose your favourite unicorn and you will have a cute silicon hook to hang your sponge on with the same design! Which would you prefer on your bathroom wall? Mythical Mermaid Konjac Sponge with Pink/ Red French Clay & HOOK  The real question here is: red French clay or pink French clay? Included in each box is one of our original full-size Konjac face sponges and a matching design hook.  Mythical Dragon Konjac Sponge with Green French Clay & HOOK  Release your inner Khaleesi and keep an adorable dragon hook in your bathroom. The magical blend of pure Konjac and green clay creates a soft and nourishing sponge.  Mythical Narwhal Konjac Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal & HOOK  AKA ‘the unicorn of the sea’, the Narwhal box contains a silky charcoal-filled Konjac face sponge and Narwhal design sponge hook. Scared of missing out? Facebook: @Konjacsponges  |  Twitter: @Konjacsponges  |  Instagram: @konjacspongecompany
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Adapt and Survive: Skincare Edition

As we enter autumn/winter territory our skin has a tendency to freak out and erupt in blotchy, dry patches. September marks the beginning of skin sensitivity as harsh winds chafe and dehydrate, so now is the time to consider adapting your skin treatment regime.
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