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Beauty secrets of each generation

We just love hearing all the tips and tricks people have to get their skin looking young and flawless. Here are some fabulous beauty bloggers that are helping us keep our complexions in fighting condition. Find out the one surprising everyday product we noticed you can't go without, no matter what generation you are from!
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Caring for your skin naturally

Looking after your skin doesn’t have to take time and effort. In fact, the simpler the skincare routine, the more likely you will be to keep it up daily. Once you have worked out your skin type, you can find the products that will best improve your complexion and prevent possible bad skin days.
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Spotlight: PINK CLAY

Popping up in skincare and beauty products everywhere, French pink clay is loved for its softening and plumping effect. As the mildest of all the clays, it is ideal for use on easily irritated and sensitive skin (including eczema and psoriasis.)
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Konjac Sponge: Good For The Sole

They’ve been buried in boots for months, but it’s almost time to break out the sandals and you suddenly realise – YOUR FEET ARE NOT PREPARED! Universally neglected, feet tend to be dismissed in the skincare routine, yet everyone can seriously benefit from regular cleansing. Keep your exfoliation as simple and natural as possible with our Konjac Sponge and buff your way to barefoot confidence.
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