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Look who designed our Mythical Konjac Creatures

We are so excited to finally introduce you to our brand new Mythical Creatures range. After months of searching, we found the perfect illustrator to bring to life all the cute designs running through our minds. These adorably delicate watercolour sketches turned out to be the perfect match for our natural Korean Konjac sponges.
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K-Beauty has a soft Konjac heart

Korean beauty (K-Beauty) is huge right now, from cute Tony Moly lip balms to moisture-inducing sheet masks, everyone wants to own that soft, youthful skin. This couldn’t be more achievable with the latest additions to our original Korean skincare sponges – the K-Sponges.
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4 DIY toners you need to try this weekend

Have you ever made your own toner? Think it's too much effort? Well, we have brought together the simplest and most natural DIY toner recipes from around the internet for you to try yourself! Konjac HQ's India also created her own last weekend - discover what ingredients she used here...
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Beauty secrets of each generation

We just love hearing all the tips and tricks people have to get their skin looking young and flawless. Here are some fabulous beauty bloggers that are helping us keep our complexions in fighting condition. Find out the one surprising everyday product we noticed you can't go without, no matter what generation you are from!
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